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Custom Production Studio

D. Todd Art Tiles are molded, glazed, stained, and painted by hand. Unique variations in color, texture, size, painting, etc. are characteristic to the beauty of this handmade product. These variations combine for a look that is subtle, yet dramatic. 

Express your vision with our custom tiles. Being a custom production studio, our tile is made to order from initial design to firing in the kiln, this allows for your personalization every step of the way. We will work with you to create your concept. Use our standard motifs, adapting them for color and design, or come up with something entirely new. 




Since 1981, D. Todd Art Tiles have been supporting small, family-owned American businesses:


  • Our proprietary clay formula mixed by a family-run business in Massachusetts. 

  • The tile press was made for us by a fellow tile maker 

  • The dyes for the press are made in Maine by a ceramicist-turned-craft-brew master

  • Our stains glazes and equipment come from family companies in Ohio, New York, and Maine 

Though our studio is small, there are many lovely people who have been part of the making of our tile. It is a great joy to carry on this artisan trade, creating function and beauty. 


Old World Art Tiles by D. Todd & Co can be found across the United States and Canada, as well as homes in England, France, Israel and Japan. Patrons include George Lucas, Jon Bon Jovi, Paul Simon, Mariah Carey, Pat Benatar, Andy Rooney and Jake Burton. For shipping and other inquiries, please press the button below.



Owner, Tile Maker and Artist

In the spring of 1981, I packed 2 worn canvas totes full of tile, got into my powder blue VW Bug, and headed to E. 61st and 3rd, New York City. I walked into Country Floors and the breath taking impact of color and pattern,fearless gorgeous tile, on a work table I laid out my ware for Norman Karlson and the brilliant women who were his force…

And so began these 41 years of hand making custom tile



Mom, Artist, Retired Tile Maker

An artist in her own right, she is considered one of the finest line drawing artists to come out of Art Center, CA. Designer of the D Todd's signature fallen flower, for hours on end, she sat and ‘antiqued’ each tile, giving them definition and personality. We made and continue to make the tile together, and while Mom has since ‘retired’ from tile making, she is always in my heart and the spirit of our pieces.


Prior to Installation

Variations in color, texture, size, painting, etc. are characteristic to the beauty of this handmade product. Prior to installation, the tiles should be sorted and mixed to achieve the most desired effect taking into account the characteristics mentioned above.

Sealing During Installation

At the time of installation, the Old World Art Tiles must be sealed with an impregnating sealant, we recommend prior to and after grouting. Please follow the sealant company's instructions carefully. Any questions should be discussed with your salesperson and/ or the tile installer and / or a technical adviser from that company. We have had great success with Miracle Sealants Co.'s "511 Porous Plus". Impregnating sealers maintain the natural look while subtly heightening the color and decorative work of the tile. Miracle Sealants Co. also makes topical sealers i.e. "Mira Shine" which enhances the color and brushwork of the tile. Tile wax is another interesting option. Using these products in conjunction with each other trying to achieve a certain look, and the location of the installation are important considerations which should be discussed and tested prior to any application.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance should comply with the instructions for the sealant used. Based on wear, reapplication of the sealant may be necessary. Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Non-abrasive, non-alkaline, non-bleaching cleaning agents are recommended for normal maintenance. We have found that a diluted mixture of Dawn Dish Soap and warm water cleans beautifully.

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